Rubber makers sulfur which is also called vulcanizing agent or vulcanization agent is an important product that is used in vulcanization step of rubber and tyre manufacturing companies. Alpine Polymer has been a top producer and supplier of oil-treated rubber makers sulfur (vulcanizing agent) for years. The product quality of our Rubber maker’s sulphur and its reasonable price has made Alpine Polymer very well-known as a trustworthy and reliable company in tire and rubber industry. We produce best Rubber makers sulfur (vulcanization agent) and distribute them to all around the world. At alpine Polymer we produce different raw materials for tires such as Batch-off release agent.

Rubber makers sulfur

Rubber makers sulfur (Vulcanizing agent)?

Sulphur is an abundant and versatile element on earth, so it is used in many industries such as rubber and tire industry. Sulfur is a very important element in rubber and tyre producing. Rubber makers sulfur adds strength and hardness to rubber when it is used in rubber compound. Oil-treated rubber makers sulphur is used by rubber and tire manufacturing companies to vulcanize rubber compounds.

What is Vulcanization?

Vulcanization which earns its name from volcano is a step in producing rubber compounds and tire products. Vulcanization is a chemical process which converts polymers to stronger and more durable materials by adding crosslinks to them. The most famous use of vulcanization is use of rubber makers sulfur in rubber and tire industry. Natural rubber was being used in tire industry until 1839 before Charles Goodyear invented vulcanization process. Natural rubber wouldn’t work properly under harsh conditions and wasn’t durable enough. Rubber makers sulfur made tires stronger and more durable.