Embossed polyethylene film which is also called rubber release liner is often used as a release layer on adhesive layers. Embossing reduces the contact area between the film and other layers by trapping the air. In tire industry it is used to place the raw rubber sheets on top of each other without sticking in the form of rolls or plates before vulcanization and transfer to the final product production line. It prevents the adhesive from prematurely sticking to the wrong surface, ensuring that the product remains in good condition until it is ready for use.
Embossed polyethylene film causes uniform cutting of rubber sheets and improves the production process. Having different formulations and designs of treads, the films can be used in all rubber sheets with different adhesions.
• Facilitating the separation of uncured rubber sheets from one another
• Ensuring consistent and precise cutting of raw rubber sheets into various sizes for radial tires
• Minimizing waste and optimizing production time
• Offering a wide range of colors, tread designs, and thickness options
• Ensuring uniform thickness and effective heat resistance
• Providing recyclability and exceptional mechanical strength
• Preventing the sliding of prepared rubber sheets when stacked together
*Embossed polyethylene film made by Alpine Polymer can be customized to meet specific requirements. They can vary in thickness, size, and level of coating depending on the application.