Batch-off release agent which is also called anti-tack is an important product that is used in cooling section of rubber and tyre manufacturing companies. Alpine Polymer has been a top producer and supplier of Batch-off release agent (Antitack) for years. The product quality of our batchoff release agent and its reasonable price has made us very well-known as a trustworthy and reliable company in tire and rubber industry. We produce batch-off release agent (anti tacking agent) in form of powder batch-off release agent and liquid batch-off release agent. At alpine Polymer we produce different raw materials for tires such as rubber makers sulfur.

Batch-off release agent

What is Batch-off release agent (Anti-tack)?

Batch Off Cooling Line is one the most important units in a production section of each rubber and tire factory. The cooling procedure involves using batch-off release agent in 5 steps which is explained below:

  1. Dip: After the rubber or tyre sheet which is prepared in an mixer device comes out it’s really hot and needs too cool down. If you stack the rubber sheets on each other they will stick to each other because they are very hot and sticky. So the rubber sheets enter Batch Off Cooling Line which is a mixture of water and powder or liquid batch-off release agent.
  2. Cool: rubber and tyre sheet will dip in the mixture for few minutes too cool down. After rubber sheets are cool enough so they aren’t sticky anymore, the cooling batch-off devices taked them out of mixture of water and batch-off release agent to dry.
  3. Dry: After Dipping and cooling steps since rubber sheets are still wet, they should be kept somewhere to dry enough for the next step which is stacking.
  4. Stack: Rubber and tyre sheets which are dry and prepared now are stacked on each other.
  5. Cut: Cooling procedure is over and the sheets are ready to cut and use in any industry which has been made for now.

Powder batch-off release agent

 Powder anti-tack dissolves in water easily and will create a coating with no dusting and no sediment formation. It supports wide temperature range and works perfectly in high temperature conditions.

Liquid batch-off release agent

Liquid batch-off release agent or antitack is more popular right now in tire industry due to it’s higher efficiency and less difficulty when they are used in a cooling line. It is completely Environmentally friendly like our other products at Alpine Polymer.